Go Vintage- A Quick guide to Garment Dying

Looking for that “Vintage” “Worn In” look, then garment dying would be one way to consider achieving this look and feel.

We have learned by trial and error over the years and have come up with 2 main processes that give 2 different looks.

Faded Wash- the closest look to a regular dyed garment, but has a slight distress around the seams, every color will look a little different.

Ocean Washed- More distressed at the seams and throughout the garment, again, each color will look a little different.

The overall process starts when the garments are manufactured using pre-made, undyed fabric. We call this fabric-PFD, or Prepared for Garment Dyed fabric. These garments are then subjected to one of our dye processes. Garments are then washed and treated to remove any dirt or chemicals. Then, they are immersed in a large dye bath, where the dye is absorbed by the fabric. The look, hand feel, fibre content, and actual fabric will determine the dye time, temperature, and dye concentration,

After dyeing, the garments are rinsed and washed thoroughly to remove excess dye and chemicals. They are then dried, quality-checked, and prepared for packaging. Garment dyeing offers several advantages, such as the ability to create unique and vibrant colors, flexibility in smaller production runs, and the opportunity to achieve a soft, worn-in feel since the garments are already fully constructed before dyeing. This process is commonly used for items like T-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, and other casual wear.