Manufacturing High Quality Garments since 2005

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Vertically Integrated From Start to Finish

Specializing in end to end manufacturing, from yarn to finished garments. Every product and service is customized and created to fit your brand and budget.

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Your Project Starts with an idea. We are here to help make your designs come to life. Our team will help facilitate everything from color lab dips, fabric headers, to digital line drawings and proto-samples.

Technical Design

Technical design in both fabrics and garments, including, setting up fabric profiles and tech packs that ensure we have the correct fits and sizing for your products. Part of this process will be creating patterns and fit samples for review and approval.

Fabric-Knit / Dye & Finish

In-house knitting up to 32 guage knitting machines. Yarn Dye, Fabric Dye, Garment Dye with all types of finishes, including our own Pearl Wash Cotton. Up to 16 gauge flat knitting for knit collars and cuffs.

Cut Make & Trim

A family garment business with highly trained employees. Many have been with us for 10 years or more. Blending classic production methods with advanced technology creating high-quality garments that are both sustainable and durable.


We have full decoration capabilities with over 100 highly trained employees that run our decoration division. Using the most advanced equipment and methods available in the marketplace today.


Once goods leave the factory in one of our containers, we will provide tracking and keep everyone up-to-date on arrivals. Goods are cleared and then we will follow as needed for domestic transportation.

Managing the apparel product lifecycle from beginning to end.

Making Better Brands

CAUSA, which stands for “Custom Apparel by Us for All”, was founded in 2005, as a very small but capable factory, making knit shirts for a few customers in North America and Europe. Armed with 29 very dedicated employees, including the 3 founders, Hayward Morgan, Ganesh Kumar and Billy Cameron, CAUSA set out for it’s quest to become a maker for better brands around the globe. Today the company has 6 different sewing units, over 900 employees and produces over 4 million garments a year. Our mission has not changed since the day we began our business. Build the best products and services available for our clients, do all that we can to meet our commitments, even when it hurts, and continue to grow and inspire each other in this ever changing world.